Injection Moulding

We are able to produce nearly any shape & design of plastic mouldings, including insert & encapsulation moulding. We also undertake post moulding operations e.g. machining in undercuts, both internal and external. Further machining operations are also available to maximise the longevity & productivity of your small batch mouldings. It is possible for us to produce both male and female threads (in plastic or metal) as well as embossing each moulding with YOUR OWN COMPANY LOGO. Our inset mouldings vary from large to miniature, no matter what your needs are, we are able to assist you.

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  • 3D Printing

    We offer 3D prtingin services using ABS materials on our dimension printers.
  • F EA Consultancy Service

    Our F.E.A department offers a technical, mechanical engineering consultancy service headed by Mr. M Windsor BSc., MSc., C.ENG, IMECHE.
  • Insert & Encapsulation

    Moulding is one of our in house specialities. Our engineers are very experienced in both these fields and we are also able to obtain inserts on your behalf if you should require.
  • Post Moulding Operations

    We undertake Post Moulding Operations, both internal and external machining in undercuts.
  • Existing Tools

    Do not worry!!! We should be able to use your existing tools to produce the exact same moulding.