We have designed and manufactured the high tech Windsor 1.5 Roller Rockers for the B.L (British Leyland) A-series engines along with carbon fibre push rods for the same engine. These have been approved and recommended by none other than David Vizard the renowned motorsport engine builder. The Windsor Roller Rocker has been featured in numerous publications including “Tuning B.L-A-series engines” by David Vizard, “Auto performance”, March, 1984 (page 5) & Aug, 1984 (page 50-51), “Cars and Car Conversions”, Aug, 1984 (page 88-90), which all certify the high ratio rocker increase the performance of race performance engines. Typical values of BHP (brake horse power) race tuned engines are:

  • 850 cc = 5-8 BHP
  • 1000cc = 7-10 BHP
  • 1100cc = 8-11 BHP
  • 1300cc = 10-13 BHP
  • 1400cc = 11-14 BH

Windsor 1.5 roller rocker assemble and carbon fibre push rods

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    We offer 3D prtingin services using ABS materials on our dimension printers.
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    Our F.E.A department offers a technical, mechanical engineering consultancy service headed by Mr. M Windsor BSc., MSc., C.ENG, IMECHE.
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    We undertake Post Moulding Operations, both internal and external machining in undercuts.
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