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Windsor Moulding and Tooling CompanyWe are a dedicated, long established injection moulding and 3D printing company providing customised solutions to your small batch moulding requirements. We have qualified, expert toolmakers who specialise in the design and supply of plastic components. Our highly skilled team can manufacture an individual, bespoke tool tailored to the needs of your specific project.

We can offer a package to include design and manufacture of mould tools as well as the production of mouldings including rapid printing of parts. Whether your requirements are for small batch mouldings or for larger volumes; we can deliver. This includes insert and encapsulation utilizing our versatile manumould machines (for small batch quantities), 3D printing using our ABS printers or our high pressure automatic machines for the larger volume orders.

We make the right decisions tailored to your requirements


Windsor Moulding and Tooling companyManumoulds are an extremely versatile molding machine ideal for the use of low volume molding. This is due to the economical type tooling where cores can be removed/unwound by hand, thus eliminating complicated and expensive hydraulics.

Inserts or loose cores do not create a problem; in fact, we specialise in this type of work (insert molding). Mould sizes range from the 125mm vice size down to 65mm (2.5 inch) and smaller with adapters. Our screw manumoulds also allow us to offer coloured components by master batching.




Our 3D printers are able to produce large parts (203mmx203mmx305mm). We primarily manufacture piece parts in ABS but can also use high impact resistant ABS for those durable applications. We can also offer a range of material colours to meet all your needs.


We scrutinize every aspect of your design, from your needs to the behavior of the polymer in later life!! We make the right decision tailored to your requirements.

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  • 3D Printing

    We offer 3D prtingin services using ABS materials on our dimension printers.
  • F EA Consultancy Service

    Our F.E.A department offers a technical, mechanical engineering consultancy service headed by Mr. M Windsor BSc., MSc., C.ENG, IMECHE.
  • Insert & Encapsulation

    Moulding is one of our in house specialities. Our engineers are very experienced in both these fields and we are also able to obtain inserts on your behalf if you should require.
  • Post Moulding Operations

    We undertake Post Moulding Operations, both internal and external machining in undercuts.
  • Existing Tools

    Do not worry!!! We should be able to use your existing tools to produce the exact same moulding.